For The Love of Poetry & Spoken Word
Come and listen to some of the Best Spoken Word & Poetry around.
Don't Paint Me

Added some new items into the rotation which will peek your interest. So get ready for several hours of some great poetry and spoken word.

Fun With Poetry

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Both new and old items from the rotation.

Super Poetry

Come and listen to some of the greatest poetry around. You will surely hear things that you will want to hear again, along with some new items to the rotation. You will also find out how to send your stuff in to be added.

Poetry Watch

Time for you to hear more of some of the great poetry that is around.

Smart Poetry

These are poems where many you will really enjoy.

Poetry Theater

Come and listen to some of the greatest poetry and spoken word around.

The End Of Poetry Month

We've come to the end of another Poetry Month, but not to the end of the podcast. Some great new items have been added into the rotation.

Travelling Poetry

Hope that everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day and safe travel. Here's some poetry to help you through it.